Detailed information on membership is in The Pennsmen’s Bylaws and Membership Handbook.

There are three basic levels of membership.


After meeting application criteria, persons interested in full membership in the club, may apply for full membership. After being accepted as a canidate for full membership, they go through a pledge process to become familiar with the club, it’s membership, and it’s events.

Pledges are non-voting members.


After meeting membership criteria, persons interested in associate membership, may apply for associate membership in the club.

Associate members are non-voting members.

Full Membership (Brother/Sister)

Full members are members of the club, entitled to the full rights and responsibilities of membership, including voting and the ability to be nominated for officer positions in The Pennsmen.

In addition to those three basic membership levels, there are two additional membership types in the bylaws.

Life Brother

Bestowed after 20 years of full membership in The Pennsmen.

Life Brothers retain their voting rights.


Bestowed on the founding members of The Pennsmen.

Founding members retain their voting rights.

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