General Meeting Minutes – March 5, 2016

Pennsmen, Inc.

P.O. Box 401, Harrisburg, PA 17108

Minutes for meeting held March 5, 2016

Call to order 7:42 PM

Attendance: Steven J., Reed S., Rich W., Johnnie W. and Joseph M.

Excused: Coyote (Scott H.), David K. and Dustin S.

Guest(s): Eric O. and Jayce S.

Approval of last month’s meeting minutes: Johnnie W. motioned, Rich W. seconded, approved

Officer reports:


  • No report

Vice President:

  • Not present


  • Some emails are incorrect. Working on corrections.


  • Peach Ring sales: $30.50 from bar night, $86.50 total bar sales.
  • Processing MAL receipts.
  • Working on dues letters.
  • Needs access to Google drive.

Road Captain:

  • Night of 1,000 Kinks raised over $4,000.00 for charities. Two leather wrist cuffs were donated by One Legged Tranny productions. Matt’s after hour part was nice.


  • No report.


  • Web domain and hosting up for renewal. Domain: $10.99, Hosting: $62.91. Rich W. moved to pay for the domain and hosting, Johnnie W. seconded the motion was carried.

Old Business:

  • Handbook


  • Still on hold. Will schedule after meeting.
  • Visit to Allentown


  • Scheduled for April 23rd.
  • Recommended we should hit several places.
  • Owner of Diamondz appears to have disappeared. The bar is closed.
  • The other bars are Stonewall and Candidas.
  • State Street Contest


  • There are no contestants. It will be turned into a trashy show. The decision will be made Sunday.
  • Same night as transgender conference.
  • The dance floor will remain open afterwards. Help will be needed to clean up the floor after State Street.
  • Athena Sex Toys will be donating 15% of sales.
  • Bears, Bikers and Mayhem


  • Head shots must be submitted.
  • 40th Anniversary, February 2017


  • Will contact the hotel Sunday.
  • Leather 1 at The Woods


  • Field poles one through four are reserved; Field Pole 1, Steve J. and Bill W.; Field Pole 2, Johnnie W. and A. J. E.; Field Pole 3, Reed S. and Joseph M.; Field Pole 4, Rich W. and Dustin S.
  • The club owes $230.00.
  • Cost is $116.00 and $58.00 for each additional person.
  • Will do tickets for Saturday and Sunday brunch.
  • Will discuss dinner.
  • Anything from the floor


  • Nothing

New Business:

  • Anything from the floor


  • Nothing


Up Coming Events


  • Long Island Ravens 24th Anniversary – March 19
  • AMCC Meeting, Long Island – March 19
  • Bears, Bikers and Mayhem – March 29 through April 3
  • Island of Misfit Toys, Excelsior MC – May 20 through 22
  • Woods Leather 1 – May 20 through 22


Words of Wisdom


    • Get your ass and vote, please.

Adjournment: Reed S. motioned, Joseph M. seconded, the motion was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:19 PM

Next meeting Saturday, April 9, 2016 starting at 7PM at The Brownstone Lounge

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