General Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2016

Pennsmen, Inc.

P.O. Box 401, Harrisburg, PA 17108

Minutes for meeting held January 9, 2016

Call to order 7:19 PM

Attendance: Steven J., Reed S., Rich W., Johnnie W., Joseph M. and David K.

Excused: Coyote (Scott H.), Dustin S., Bill S. Jason C.

Guest(s): None

Approval of last month meeting: Johnnie W. motioned, Joseph M. seconded, approved

Officer reports:


  • No report

Vice President:

  • No report


  • Getting access to mailing list.


  • Started to receive dues. General statement will go out. Due the beginning of the year. Raffle: 52.00, Gummy Shot: 15.00 Total: 1,520.13 (unaudited). Need letter from Pennsmen to release money to One Legged Tranny.

Road Captain:

  • Upcoming events:
    • 10 January – Miss Stallions
    • 17 January – Benefit for Biscuit
    • 20 February – House of Dove, Night of a 1,000 Kinks
    • 28 February – New Jersey Leather Chili Cook Off
    • 11 March – Miss State Street
    • 14-15 May – Carnival de Kink, Asbury


  • Sent appropriate notification to AMCC concerning tee shirts.
  • 19 March – Long Island Ravens Run
  • Bob Burrows’ life celebration is today (9 January).


  • Calendar up to date.
  • Need to add AMCC events.
  • Do we have No, someone overseas is parked on the site.

Old Business:

  • Handbook


  • Meeting will be 30 January at Steve’s house.
  • Visit to Allentown


  • Toni Solene recommends Diamonds in Allentown for an invasion.
  • Will set a date at the next meeting.
  • State Street Contest


  • Judges, posters, etc. are set.
  • Need Pennsmen for escorting, selling Jell-O shooters, etc.
  • This is the fifth year.
  • Can we get Mr. Mayhem and the banner?
  • Athena’s sex toys will be there.
  • Anything from the floor


  • Nothing

New Business:

  • Bears, Bikers and Mayhem


  • Volunteer list will be put together soon.
  • Volunteers must work eight hours during the event.
  • Run fee is waived.
  • Discount code needed for members.
  • Can Alder attend and give a presentation about PrEP?
  • Leather One at The Woods


  • 20-22 May
  • Should we get the field pole instead of the back?
  • 40th Anniversary, February 2017


  • Talking to the Crown Plaza
  • There will be a hotel run.
  • Anything from the floor


  • Leather Two won’t interfere with Pride.
  • A giant drag show is planned for the same day as Pride.


Words of Wisdom


  • Life is precious. Remember to tell people you love them.

Adjournment: Johnnie W. motioned, Joseph M. seconded, the motion was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22 PM

Next meeting Saturday, February 6, 2016 starting at 7PM at The Brownstone Lounge

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