General Meeting Minutes – April 9, 2016

Pennsmen, Inc.

P.O. Box 401, Harrisburg, PA 17108

Minutes for meeting held April 9, 2016

Call to order 7:24 PM

Attendance: Steven J., Reed S., Rich W., Johnnie W. and Joseph M.

Excused: Coyote (Scott H.), David K. and Dustin S.

Guest(s): A.J. E. and Rich S.

Approval of last month’s meeting minutes: Joseph M. motioned, Johnnie W. seconded, approved

Officer reports:


  • No report

Vice President:

  • Not present


  • Apologies for getting the minutes out early.


  • Can accept credit cards via his phone.
  • Should be able to finish dues letters now that Bears, Bikers and Mayhem is done.
  • Miss State Street brought in $1,200.00.
  • The Woods was paid the deposit for the leather weekend in May.
  • Total (unaudited): $1,960.78.

Road Captain:

  • 12 June – Shawnna Alexander has invited the club to the Rowan Tree.
  • Circe de Kink is up in the air since Diamondz is still closed.
  • The car washes are being scheduled. He first will be a fund raiser for the club, the second for a charity.
  • The Pennsmen are getting a reputation as a group that helps.
  • There were no contestants for Miss State Street. Shawnna Alexander has been named Miss State Street and Matt T. Mr. State Street.
  • Peach rings plus tips cleared $200.00.


  • The meeting was at Long Island. The tee shirts are dead.
  • The next meeting is the third weekend of June at the DC Eagle. There will be an all AMCC bar night.
  • The fall meeting will be hosted by Empire City.
  • The following meeting will be hosted by the Pennsmen.
  • Torrid Tuber passed to the Harbor Masters.
  • Jenkins Award to Twilight Guard and Excelsior for overcoming tragedy before their run.
  • Centaurs gave $500.00 for a total of $1,5000.00 over the past year.


  • Domain is up and renewed for the next year. Has to get the receipt to the treasurer.
  • Many thanks from the treasurer for getting his email account set up.

Old Business:

  • Handbook


  • No change.
  • Bears, Bikers and Mayhem


  • State Street funds will not be used for Mr. Mayhem travel fund. A decision will be made for how to spend it.
  • Steve received an attitude adjustment from a beer can.
  • Steve was pinned by Mama Sandy, Mama’s melon ball.
  • The final numbers are not available.
  • Ash D. from D.C. is Mr. Mayhem Lather.
  • Compliments from the Philadelphians and the Centaurs on the contest and the event.
  • Visit to Allentown


  • Scheduled for April 23rd.
  • A club dinner will occur before the trip.
  • Leather 1 at The Woods


  • Down payment has been made.
  • 40th Anniversary, February 2017


  • Steve and Rich have to talk to the hotel.
  • Anything from the floor


  • Nothing

New Business:

  • Events for Summer and Fall


  • Half way to State Street
  • Need to get on FetLife
  • Puppy event
  • Kinky Carnival (possibly charge)
  • Dungeon Night at HoNoR
  • Bring an idea to the next meeting
  • Anything from the floor


  • Nothing

Up Coming Events

  • Island of Misfit Toys, Excelsior MC – May 20 through 22
  • Woods Leather 1 – May 20 through 22

Words of Wisdom

    • Fuck well and prosper.

Adjournment: Steve J. motioned, Rich W. seconded, the motion was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM

Next meeting Saturday, May 7, 2016 starting at 7PM at The Brownstone Lounge

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